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Our Story

Grown & Wild started with some simple questions… Why are native bush foods still relatively unknown to the general public? Why is it that the most common place to find these foods are fine dining restaurants with inaccessible price tags?

Co founders Jaimi and Dan decided they wanted to do something to change this. Bush foods and the cultivation practices of Indigenous Peoples have been around for thousands of years, without it many of the early colonial settlers would not have survived in the land we now know as Australia. Yet the use of these foods and their stories as well as the culture and history of Indigenous Peoples have been deliberately swept under the historical carpet.

The rough survival conditions of the Australian landscape and the ability these plants have to grow and flourish without the use of pesticides have created a food group of outstanding nutrition as well as having many sustainable advantages. Not to mention their unique flavour palette that sets them apart from more commonly available foods. Where in the world have you heard of a gum leaf that tastes like strawberry? Or a seed that taste like coffee and chocolate?

Grown & Wild aims to be a one stop bush food grocery store for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of native foods and try the many amazing products available that can fit comfortably in your pantry. You will not be alone on this journey, along the way we will give you recipe ideas, tips, tricks, and more!

While we are a non-Indigenous company, our aim is to help bring pride and share knowledge of an Indigenous history that is too often pushed aside, while also supporting the many amazing Indigenous companies that exist in this industry. It might sound like a lot try and get done, but you would be surprised what sharing food and the stories they tell can do.

Much love,

The Grown & Wild team.